September 28, 2011

Love was made for me and you.

Hey ya'll! I'm guest posting for Tanya at A Taste of T today. Go check my post out. It's funny. You'll laugh, I promise...well, I laughed but that doesn't always mean much, now does it?

Happy Wednesday everyone! I'm linking up with Jaime at this kind of love for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving
Franks Hot Sauce-have ya'll heard that commercial where the old lady is like "I put that s#*% on everything"?

Yea, that's me.

I'm loving the slightly overcast, mid 60's weather we've been having. I think Michigan has finally made up it's mind and has decided it fall-yay!

I'm loving cleaning out my closet/car and finding *literally* a whole wardrobes worth of clothes, including my fave sweats from high school.

And yes, I rocked them the next day.

I'm loving the sweet kids I babysat last Friday and will be babysitting again this weekend! I was talking with the girl about music videos and mentioned TRL (anyone else remember that show!?!?! haha). The look of confusion on her face when I explained what it was to her was priceless!

Way to make me feel old, kid!

I'm loving my sweet cousin who is getting married this weekend! I'm not going to the wedding, but I'll be there in spirit. I love love love my cousin and the girl he's marrying is such a sweetheart! I'm so happy for them and wish them a world of happiness!

What are you guys loving today?
And go read my post!


Courtney said...

Ugh. I'm so jealous of your weather. For some reasons Colorado didn't get the memo that it's fall and we're still dealing with 90 degree weather. I'm over it!

Amy Rene said...

I love cleaning things out & finding stuff I forgot I lost! it's always fun :)

{I've got a Kate Spade giveaway going on right now & would love to see you there!}

Danielle said...

Thanks for stopping my my blog! I am origianlly from Michigan(Detroit) but I was raised in Georgia. Glad that you guys are getting some relief from the heat; we aren't. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I carry an extra wardrobe in my car too! Well, one for me, my daughter & my son :)

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Thank you SOOOO much for guest posting! LOVE your post!

xoxo, T

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