September 19, 2011

It's the eye of the tiger, its the thrill of the fight.

I'm a few days belated, but I just wanted to give a huge shout out to my boys for winning the AL Central!

I am seriously so happy-I'm so stoked to go to a play off game (my first!) and I'm so happy I was able to see so many games this year. It was seriously one of the best summers ever!

Also! The Lions have started out 2-0 since the first time in forever (not really, but it feels like that haha) It's sooo nice to wtach a game and know that we're not going to be on the wrong end of a blow out!

And the icing on the cake-I'm undefeated in my Fantasy Football league-is there anything more satisfying than beating a bunch of boys? No, no there is not lol

It's going to be an exciting fall in Detroit!

1 comment:

Vapid Vixen said...

It goes all the way to elementary school but it's always felt that much sweeter to beat the boys at something. Good job!

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