September 10, 2011

We're gonna build something this summer.

I cannot believe how fast Labor Day got here! I mean seriously, I feel like it was just May and now, it's unofficially the end of summer-time sure is flying :-(

My Labor Day weekend was pretty chill, which is just how I like it lol Since I work in food service, I didn't get the day off or get to enjoy the long weekend but I did get to do some fun stuff anyway.

I continued my tradition of spending every summer holiday at the ball park and watched the Tigers lose to the Royals on Thursday afternoon.

I also picked up a pretty wicked sunburn...oops!

This picture doesn't really do it justice. When I saw my brother later, he just said "What up, lobster?" :-/
(Also, there are tan lines from my necklace...awesome lol)

We were super slow at work, because everyone else was enjoying a mini-vaca but I took the time to do some homework and get caught up on blogs so I didn't mind too much :-)

After work on Monday, I was able to enjoy some of my mother's delicious barbeque. I wanted to take pictures, but by the time I got there most of the food was gone :-( I was able to score some yummy ribs and potato salad, so I was a happy girl.

Even though it was 3453829561 degrees all week, it cooled down perfectly and I broke out my Uggs on Tuesday.

Hello, Michigan weather-we go from 90 and sunny, with 100% humidity to 60 and rainy in 2.5 seconds flat.

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