August 28, 2011

Ain't no colour paint gonna cover the stains.

My new apartment has basically been a construction zone for the past week and a half while I've been painting. What I thought would be a one day/8ish hour project ended up taking me over a week to complete.

It started with me spackling the holes....

It seriously looked like whoever was there before me just sprayed the room with a pellet gun.

then I was able to start priming...

and even though my mom warned me that I'd probably have to do two coats of primer to completely cover the old, dark, dry paneling, I decided to try it with just one...

but since I was able to paint one.whole.wall. before realizing admitting to myself that I needed a second coat of primer, I was also able to decide that I wasn't in love with the color. I wanted a more mustard-y yellow and this was, as my mom put it, "school bus yellow".

So I put another coat of primer on the other three walls and chose another shade of yellow for the accent wall.

The splotch is the new color, in comparison to the old.

The last step was to paint the other three walls.

It kinda looks blue, but it's actually a *really* light grey (It's Valspar Grey Mist). I wanted it to be darker, but the room is so small I knew I needed to use light colors to make the room seem bigger. The yellow is Valspar Bugle Call, in case you were curious.

Since I still want some darker grey, I'm going to paint a 6-12" stripe around the room on the grey walls, about two feet from the ceiling. I'm hoping that will bring out the grey tones in the light grey and satisfy my need for dark grey haha

All in all, I'm pretty happy with it. And I'm super proud that I did it all by myself! Every roll of the roller and stroke of the brush was done by yours truly. What I was not expecting however, was how dang sore I would be after it was all done!

Manual labor is hard work, ya'll.


Joelle said...

I'm impressed! I hate painting, but you did an awesome job with your new apartment. And I'm glad they let you paint in there! Good luck making the rest of it feel like home :)

Visiting from Comment Love Day. Hope you're having a beautiful weekend, and that you're relaxing after such a project!


Katie said...

Looks great!! I love grey on the walls. I'm sure the stripes are gonna be awesome.

Kari said...

I love that color! I painted the biggest wall in my kitchen yellow, but it's more of a sunny yellow. I love the brightness of it. It's so cheery. You can't have a bad day when you've got a yellow wall!

Anonymous said...
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