March 19, 2012

Just get a clue. Get a PANDA!

My mom has called me "Panda" for as long as I can remember. It even caught on among my friends in high school! I'm so used to it that sometimes, it takes me a second to respond when someone says my actual name haha

So when my Jimmy came over to my parents for dinner on Saturday, and she called me "Panda" he was a little confused lol But then I told him about my slight obsession with all things "panda"and he understood...a little

He must've been pating more attention than I thought though, because the next day he showed up with this...

Isn't it cute!?!?!

And now, it's living in it's new home on my desk...

I love it!

Do you guys have anything fun on your desk?
Ever get any special, random, sweet gifts?

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