June 14, 2011

When Ichiro goes, when Ichiro goes to the moon.

Last Wednesday, my dad and I travelled to Fabulous Ferndale to see The Baseball Project.

They are a "super group" comprised of Peter Buck of R.E.M. on bass, Steve McCaughy of the Minus 5 on guitar, Linda Pittmon on drums and Steve Wynn of the Dream Syndicate on guitar. Peter Buck didn't play when we saw them, but Mike Mills, who is also in R.E.M subbed in for him.

There was about 50 people there tops so the show was super small and intimate. We got there early and ended up being in the front row, which is always nice. They played all my favorite songs, including "Harvey Haddix" which is about a pitcher who almost threw a perfect game. They even gave a shoutout to Armando Gallaraga haha It was also Linda Pitmon's birthday so she requested they play "Twinkies", which is about her hometown team. They played about 2 hours (with no opening acts) and for their encore they played "Aw, shit man" by the Minus 5 and "Rockville" by R.E.M. It was definitely a lot of fun and even though the crowd was small, there was really good energy.

After the show, I went to buy a tee shirt and Steve McCaughy and Linda Pitmon were standing by the merch table signing autographs and talking to everyone so my dad and I talked with them and they each signed my shirt, meaning I won't be able to wear it now, but I'll save it and come up with something to do with it lol

My dad took the day off on Thursday, so that night my dad, my brother and I went to the CoPa and watched the Tigers beat the Mariners. My dad loves seeing Ichiro play so we always try and go when the Mariners are in town.

Unfortunately, Ichiro went 1-4 and only ended up catching one pop up, so it was a decidely un-Ichiro-like performance. The upside of that was Justin Verlander pitched through 8 innings, gave up one run and threw 10 k's. Not bad, not bad at all.

It had been threatening to rain all day, but luckily, it didn't. The temperature did, however, drop about 30* from the time the game started to the time it ended. Thank god I brought a hoodie! I was freezing! Just another June in Michigan haha

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Katherines Corner said...

How fun. Thank you for sharing your happy memory making. Hugs!

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