June 17, 2011

Now I work down at the car wash, where all it ever does is rain.

Even though it's been much nicer here lately, I feel like for the entire past month, all it has done is rain. Literally. We had I think about 3 weeks where it rained every.single.day.

It was the wettest month for out county on record and many of the rivers overflowed. The one by my house was level with the park that it butts up against, but never actually flowed over (thank god!) A few of the parks that are below the water line got flooded and people were actually fishing in them! haha

I tried to go tanning one afternoon and the parking lot of the strip mall was completely flooded, as was the intersection the strip mall is at (which is of two decently large roads). I ended up going back the next morning because the grocery store is right across the street and snapped these pictures on my phone:

Swimming, anyone?

Like my Canadian flag, eh?

The best part of having torrential rain, is that when it finally stopped raining it was at least 95* for a week straight, meaning crazy humid. So basically we went from having tornado and flood warnings one week, to having a heat advisory the next.

Oh, Michigan, how I love thee.

1 comment:

Shanda said...

Ha...and I live in Southern California where traffic nearly comes to a halt with 1/4 inch of rain!

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