June 20, 2011

Let's go out to the moviiiiiieeeees, and have ourselves a snack!

Because of the alternately crazy humidity/cold/rain, my family has been to a few movies in the past two weeks to escape into the air conditioning/heat/dryness of the theater.

Let me start off by saying that neither of these films were my ideas, but I ended up really liking both of them!

First, we saw X-Men: First Class.

I saw the first X-Men movie but not the last two, although my brother informed me I wasn't missing much, so I was a little worried I wouldn't be able to follow along. But luckily, this movie has basically nothing to do with those so I was good to go haha I ended up really liking it-it was decently funny, the story line was interesting (umm...Cuban Missile Crisis? World War II? Sure!) and most of all, the action looked pretty sweet. The stunts and the special effects looked great and definitely held my attention. There's obviously going to be some sequels, so *dare I say?* I'm actually looking forward to seeing the rest of the series!

The second movie was Super 8. Not only did I not have any interest in seeing it, but before my brother mentioned it, I had never even heard of it. But since I can't resist an outing especially when my parents are paying, I went to see it with them. And I'm pretty glad I did.

Apparently, they were trying to keep this movie pretty secretive (which is why my family wanted to go this weekend so they wouldn't hear any spoilers. Nerds.), so I had virtually no idea what it was about. Basically, it's got some aliens in it but it's not a typical story. It was really cute and had some funny parts as well. My dad said it was like a mix of ET and The Goonies, neither of which I've ever seen so I'll just take his word for it. Again, the special effects were really good and there was definitely some parts that made me jump.

I should probably branch out more often-apparently, I usually end up liking it haha


Alli said...

I think X-Men First Class was amazing! I liked the first x-men movie ok, but I agree that the last two (especially the third!) weren't amazing. This one blew me out of the water though. I loved the complexity they added between the characters.

Laura Darling said...

I can't think of the last movie I saw in the theater. How sad is that?!! Maybe I'll give Super 8 a try!

Lozzz123 said...

I also was very pleasantly surprised with X men! Would definitely watch again and would be happy to see any sequels. Haven't seen Super 8 but sounds interesting! :)

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