June 24, 2011

She never comprimises, loves babies and surprises, wears high heels when she exercises. Ain't it beautuiful?

It's Show us Your Singles over at Kelly's Korner so here it goes....

I feel like writing about myself should be a lot easier ha! Hopefully this doesn't come off sounding like a cheap personal ad haha

To start, I'm Amanda, 23 and live in southeast Michigan. I'm the oldest of two, and my mom, dad and little brother are probably three of my closest friends (sounds corny but it's true!). I'm really blessed to have a job that I love at a bakery and am still in school, working towards a degree in public relations.

Just being silly, as per usual

Even though school and work take up a lot of my time, when I'm not doing one of those two you can probably find me with my friends. I can have fun doing anything from laying around watching movies to trying out new restaurants, or from sitting around a bonfire to bar hopping for a night. My friends often tell me I'm laid back and drama free, both of which I consider compliments :-)

I'm a pretty passionate person about a lot of things, including my Detroit Tigers (or all Detroit sports to be honest!), my friends and family, being happy and having a good time, no matter what!

Supporting my Lions!

Things I like:
Going to the gym
Spending summer at the ball park
Cooking and baking
Talking to people
Dancing to music
Making people laugh (whether with me or at me, I'm cool with both haha)
Trying new things
Meeting new people

I know since most of you a down south, it's probably a long shot, but I figured I'd give it a chance anyway! If anyone has any questions or anything let me know-thanks for stopping by!

If anyone is interested, this is my FB:

I was always a cutie, huh? haha

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