October 19, 2010

Cruel to be kind means that I love you.

First and foremost, it's October 19th. Meaning October is more than halfway over. Meaning November is almost here. Meaning New Years is almost here. Yeesh.

Last week, for my Dad's birthday, he took us to the Ark to see Nick Lowe.

A totally different vibe than the other shows I saw this month. I'm an most definitely my fathers daughter- A rap show, a punk show and a folk show all within a two week span. It was pretty fun-me and my mom went shopping beforehand down in Kerrytown and my dad met up with us for dinner before the show.
(Obligatory cell phone picture. Nick Lowe and his opening act Garent Watkins)

At the Ark, there are some obstructed views from posts and stuff. We sat down behind one at first and were debating about whether or not to move, when we noticed that, sitting in front of us, was Brandon Wiard, who I was basically in love with when I was younger. He used to play shows at a local record store and I would go watch him with my dad and just kind of stare creepily at him haha We ended up moving but it was the closest I had ever been to him, and I was so effing excited, even all these years later! lol

But, one of the best parts of the nights though was getting to wear my new shoes.

This picture doesn't really do them justice-Nude, patent leather pumps. Kinda plain, but oh so fierce.

They are a little too big, so when I was walking with my dad I told him that one of my feet must be bigger than the other because one foot kept slipping out, but the other didn't. He gave me a weird look and said "Well, some women have one breast that's larger than the other." To which I answered "I have that problem too, but right now we're talking about my feet." Probably one of the funniest conversations I've ever had with my dad. When he told my mom what I said, she just cracked up.

Yeah, we're weird. No big deal.

Besides me loving those shoes, I love their price tag even more.

Umm...$7.56? Yes, please.

Besides all that, life is pretty uneventful, which is fine by me. My grandmother moved in to my parents house this weekend, so that's definitely adding some stress and excitement, but it's only temporary.

The semester is about halfway done, and now it's time to start thinking about next semester. Like I said before, Yeesh!

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