October 8, 2010

Catch it on prime time, story at nine. The whole world is going insane.

Last night I headed out to Pontiac with Rebecca to check out these guys at Clutch Cargos.

Bad Religion
(Following my undying love for bassists, the one on the far left...yummy. Even though he's def a silver fox now lol)

It was the first night of their new tour and wow.... I'm pretty much deaf, my body hurts and I couldn't sleep last night because 4 hours later, I still had massive amounts of adrenaline coursing through my body, which a) explains why I'm up at 7:30 on my day off and b) doesn't bode well for the meeting I have to go to at 10am.

But it was totally worth it.

Off With Their Heads opened up for them, who I hadn't heard before, but ended up really liking. We got there early enough to get a place in the front on the bar. It was definitely one of those shows where you were either front row or back row-anywhere else and you were in the pit. And, at the ripe old age of 22, I'm too old for the pit. I ended up standing next to this kid who was super cute, but more on that later :-)

Bouncing Souls played next.
(Again, the bassist, in the hat with all the tattoos. I die.)

I used to listen to the Bouncing Souls way back when, so it was pretty cool to see then live. To be honest, I was really surprised I didn't see anyone from my past at the show. My old friends and I used to listen to these bands and this was the only date in Michigan, so I thought for sure I'd see someone.

The poor lead singer had a broken toe-poor guy. You could tell something was up because the rest of the band was jumping around and he wasn't :-( But he jumped/hobbled off stage during the last song and shook everyone in the front rows had (ie ME!!!!) Mad props for that one though.

(Bouncing Souls singer-crappy pic from my camera phone)

At this point, cute kid next to me (who will now be referred to as James) and I have been talking throughout the show, he asked me to add him on Facebook, etc. I told him he had to come say good bye to me before he left if we got separated in the crowd haha I'm a dork.

So Bad Religion came on next. They just wrapped up their 30th Anniversary tour, and like I said, this was the first night of their "Dissent of Man" Tour. The energy was crazy. My chest and arms are bruised just from being pushed up against the bar. They played a pretty long set, which was pretty sweet plus they played my fave so yay! Plus Greg, the lead singer, looked right at me and sang the chorus to it (The perks of being in front! :-)

(Greg from Bad Religion plus two of the bouncers-Again, crappy camera phone pic)

Every 30 seconds the bouncers were on top of me trying to grab a crowd surfer, which was kinda distracting, but they did a good job because I only got kicked in the face a few times lol James got hurt and had to be like lifted out of the crowd :-( And some total creeper came and stood next to me. He kept staring at me and breathing all gross. Plus he kept trying to talk to me...ew! Me and my friend on the other side ended up switching places and he *still* kept staring at me. Creep.

After the show, James hobbled up with his dislocated rib to say goodbye and give me his phone number, even though he lives 5 hours away, it was still a cute gesture. Also, I may or may not have invited him over last night hehe He didn't come obviously, but he said he'll make a trip down sometime soon or I could come up there. Not sure if it'll happen but sweet none the less. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and walked away.

But...he ended up parking right next to us haha My friend went to go bum a cigarette from someone and he walked me to the car and in the sweetest way possible, pushed me against the car and kissed me. I felt like I was 16 lol But it was fun...and he was sooo cute. I'll probably never see him again, but he definitely made the show more memorable. So James from Petoskey, if you ever read this-Thanks :-)

I was debating about going, but I'm so glad I went. Sometimes I miss my days of being a dirty punk rock kid, but I'm finding I thoroughly enjoy being a punk rock kid at heart, and not having to add the word (or be) "dirty".


This was a picture taken at the show. I'm in the middle, Rebecca on the right and James from Petoskey on the left. He's cute right? haha

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