August 20, 2012

Pizza, P-I-Z-Z-A. Gimme pizza.

One of the perks of my job that I've mentioned before is that I have the opportunity to take baking classes. I honestly don't think I take advantage of this enough! I took another one this past week and not only was it fun, and I learned a lot, but I left with so much food - we had to give over half away because the two of us just couldn't eat it all!

This time, I took a class on making pizza!

In class, we made two different kinds of pizza: New York style, with a thin crust and light toppings, and Chicago style, deep-dish, with lots of cheese, sauce and sausage.

(I totally blanked on taking pictures of the Chicago style-but it was just as pretty as it was delicious, I promise!)

We were able to make both doughs from scratch and made pizza with those, so we left with two full, ready to eat pizzas. We also had enough dough left over to make two more NY and one more Chicago! Told you it was a ton of food!

One of my favorite parts of the class was being able to bake our NY pizza in our wood fired oven.

It was amazing how fast the pizza cooked in there and it smelled so good! I even got to load my own - which I did successfully without ruining it ( it's harder to use a pizza peel than I thought it would be haha)

I'm trying to convince Jimmy to take a class with me - I think it would be so fun to do it as a couple!

Have any of ya'll ever taken a baking or cooking class?
Anyone make homemade pizza on the regular?

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Adriana Iris La Dulce Vida said...

pizza its one of my biggest weaknesses.

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