August 21, 2012

Oh, honey you're so funny all the time.

I have a list on my phone of the funny things that Jimmy's daughter says - I love being able to look back and read them! She is such a silly girl!

  • I'm like a raccoon, huh?
  • There might be monkeys at the bottom of my oatmeal.
  • Loose top lippin' is the right way to drink.
  • If you fall in the street and get run over by a car I'll scream 'noooooo!' 'cause I love you too much.
  • I got a joke- why did the chicken jump on the cow? So he was up high! How did the tree walk? He used legs! How did the tree fly? He used wings! How did the tree get into space? He used a spaceship!
  • Sometimes oranges are called tambourines. 
  • I can't look in the mirror because I'll get distracted and it will eat me!

She always has us cracking up!

1 comment:

Vapid Vixen said...

I love that you're keeping track of this stuff. I used to keep a quote book of stuff my friends and nieces and nephews would say. I need to start that again.

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