August 22, 2012

I just recall picnic time with you

A few weeks ago, Jimmy's work held a picnic at an apple orchard out by my house. It was a pretty hot day but we went and had fun anyway!

There was lots for the kids to do - the first thing on our agenda was the play ground so she could show off her new gymnastics skills! Then we tried everything else including the bounce house, face painting, some games and mini golf. All of the guys played horse shoes, so while Jimmy did that, me and his daughter went back around and played some more.

We sat down for a few minutes and I took this series of pictures - I just wanted a picture of her with her face  painted but every time I would take one, she would get super close to the lens! 

I kept taking pictures like that because I thought it would look cool in a collage and I was right - I love the way all these pictures look together!

After Jimmy was done with his game of horse shoes (he and his partner came in third so they scored $20 - wahoo!) we did the rest of things offered before heading out - which meant getting balloons from the clown, of course!

They also had a ride on a fire truck around the orchard so the three of us did that (that's what the picture of Jimmy and his daughter are of) before going to look at the petting zoo and heading home. Pretty sure I ended up taking a nap afterwards - all that fun wiped me out!

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