June 13, 2012

We don't care if we live through the weekend

This past weekend was busy (as per usual) but I came out of it feel surprsingly rested, so I guess that kind of evens out, right?

On Friday night, my friend Katie had a few people over to bbq. My phone has been freaking out (which in turn, causes me to freak out...damn my dependence on technology!) so I didn't take any pictures- but it was so fun! Katie is amazing-she has all these great DIY's she's done and is vegan, though she's just trying a raw diet so she's been bringing me in goodies to let me taste and everything is delicious!

Saturday, my mom and I got tickets to a garden walk around town so we got up and did that, which was a lot of fun! We weren't really sure what to expect but we both really enjoyed it. We walked around 6 houses in the area and even got to go inside one of them- a 16th century farmhouse, which was just gorgeous! They showcased lots of different kinds of gardens so it was nice to see a different mix and different ideas.

We ran a few errands then headed home to get ready for my Grandmother's birthday party. It was nice to see all the family together.

Sunday was pretty low-key. I went to work and after I got out, Jimmy and I ran some errands so I could return a few things and deal with my phone. That whole process was surprisingly painless-since it's still under warranty, they will be sending out a new one this week, no charge! Can't get much better than that!

We also went to the driving range after it cooled down a bit and he made dinner for us on the grill. We watched some of the ball game but I got frustrated and turned it off lol I ended up falling asleep pretty early, which is probably why I felt so rested on Monday morning-getting almost 9 hours of sleep, when you're used to running on about four, will do that apparently haha

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