October 18, 2011

You could never stand living with a man, who could only lead you halfway to love.

One of the things helping me to get through my stressful week was knowing that this week I had lots of exciting stuff going on....

The first one was this past Saturday night. My dad was celebrating his birthday on Sunday so the whole family went to check out the Jayhawks the night before downtown Ann Arbor.

We sat in the balcony, meaning I couldn't really get any good pictures of the band :-(

At a concert years ago, my dad told me "Some concerts are standing up and dancing concerts, and some concerts are sitting down concerts". This one was *definitely* a sitting down concert-it was still a good time, but I love to dance so I was little upset (although the people around were probably happy they didn't have to witness my dancing haha)

My whole family really liked the opening act-his name was Rayland Baxter. His voice was super unique and great, plus it was just him and his guitar so what's not to love.

My dad went down and bought one of his EP's after he was finished.

Every one was hand wrapped and stamped with wax-adorbs.

The Jayhwaks played a relatively fast set, but I enjoyed a lot of it. They didn't play anything off Rainy Day Music, which disappointed me, but they played a lot off Tomorrow The Green Grass, so that made up for it. Definitely a good time!

The Tigers were playing the same night, so my dad and I were trying to stay in "the bubble" but my bubble got burst by the annoying woman in front of me who shoved her phone in my face to show me the score. Ugh. Oh well, that just meant I could go to bed earlier, which worked out considering I had to work the next morning lol

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Vapid Vixen said...

The usually what gets me through a rough week. You HAVE to have fun things to look forward to and plan for. Otherwise...hatred!

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