October 11, 2011

Please remember all of the things I never got a chance to say. Like you look smashing in your fourth grade picture.

A few weeks ago my wonderful friend Rebecca asked me if I'd like to go to a concert with her.

I had only vaguely heard of the band performing, but I love Rebecca and haven't seen her in far too long so of course I said yes!

We had such a good time! The show was in Pontiac at the Pike Room, which is upstairs from another venue called the Crofoot.

Performing downstairs was this metal band called We Came As Romans so it was definitely interesting considering we were upstairs listening to acoustic music ha ha Whoever scheduled those two shows on the same day was not thinking lol

Besides the fact that half the time we could hear the other band, it was a lot of fun. The opening act was a guy called Jeff Pianki. He played by himself and was really really good. It was a small venue so we were able to get pretty close to the stage again. He played his kazoo for a few songs and closed his set with "I Wanna Be Like You" from the Jungle Book- how can you not love that? Lol Plus we decided he was the cutest little ginger we'd ever seen ha ha

After him was Matt Pond PA. I had heard of him before and really enjoyed his set. I've mentioned before that I have a thing for bassist and this one was no exception. Seriously, so cute! After Matt Pond introduced him I totally Googled him too lol Thank god for smart phones :-)

His name was John Courage, by the way haha

Finally Rocky Votolato came on.

I had never heard of him, but I absolutely fell in love with him. I've been listening to him pretty much non stop since the show. I just love his voice, and the songs are so catchy and I can totally relate to a lot of his lyrics. Love love love.

We were able to move front and center by the time he came on and it was so great to literally be like 2 feet from him. I just love intimate concerts like that!

After the show, all three artists hung around and we got to talk to all of them which was great. Rebecca was able to snag two of the set lists and got them both signed. They were all so sweet and gracious. We found out Jeff Pianki is coming to the Blind Pig in Ann arbor soon so were both pretty stoked to go see him again

The I only downside was I looked for my new bassist crush but sadly he was nowhere to be found lol

If anyone sees him, could you let him know I'm in love with him? Please and thank you :-)

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