October 4, 2011

The autumn leaves of red and gold. I see your lips, the summer kisses

The breeze chilled me to my core. It crept through the tee-shirt and sweater, jacket, gloves and scarf.

My whole body shivered involuntarily, and before I realized what I was doing, you came from behind me. Holding my quivering body close to yours, the warmth of your core penetrated the layers of cloth covering my body. The leaves crunched beneath our feet, turning into a beautiful confetti of red, yellow, orange and brown. The branches above swayed slowly, trying to recover from the faint gust of wind.

The wind blew again, but somehow, this time, it didn't feel so cold.

This post is in response to a prompt at Write On Edge: Conjure something. An object, a person, a feeling, a color, a season- whatever you like.


Nicci @ Changing the Universe said...

Wow! Beautifully written!

angela said...

I like how another person can actually change the air, if it's the right person ;)

Vapid Vixen said...

I love it. You painted a beautiful picture in my mind just now.

Galit Breen said...

Sigh. So lovely. Love, fall, warmth.

One more time?



CDG said...

Love is good, warm stuff.

And I love the name of your blog. What a wonderful sentiment!

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