September 5, 2012

All I do is win, win, win no matter what.

I've had mixed results with Pinterest - most of the recipes I've made have been pretty good, but there was that one pretty epic fail.

For my next project, I decided to try something basically fool-proof, and wouldn'tyaknow, it actually worked!

All you do, it get a blank canvas and using tape, write down whatever you want it to say. The pin said to do kids names to hang in bedrooms, but we did this as a Father's Day gift for her grandpa so we did "I love you".

After you mark off the words, put down some paint and have them go to town! Finally, you pull up the tape and - TA-DA!

Super easy, and like I said, pretty much fool-proof. Her grandpa loved it, so if you need a relatively inexpensive and easy homemade gift, I definitely recommend this one!

Have you had any Pinterest wins?
Or fails?

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