February 12, 2011

When I wake up, in my make up, it's too early for that dress.

Today, I'm trying something new and linking up to Kelly's Korner for "Show Us Your Life-Beauty Secrets"!

Let me preface by saying, it taken me quite a while to decide on the right combination of hair and beauty products. I have curly hair and have struggled with acne for a few years so it's taken a lot of trial and error. I used to buy only the most expensive products, thinking that those would do the trick. But at some point, I realized that a lot of the cheaper stuff works just as well and I don't have to break my bank account to look half way decent!

For hair, I have really fallen in love with:

TreSemme Flawless Curls. It one of the only thing that keeps its hold all day on my decently long and curly hair.

Sauve Hairspray. Because of my curls, I go through hairspray by the gallon it seems. This stuff has amazing hold, will last all day, and is the best for the price. I haven't find anything that really comes close to be honest.

Even though I wear my hair curly most days, I love my FHI straightener. This past summer, I broke down and bought a good (read: decently expensive) straightener and it was one of the best purchases I've made. My hair is is able to be transformed into stick straight locks (with the help of some hair oil, which is my life saver) and stays that way for a few days with only a few touch ups here and there. I love it, for realz.
As for make up, I do spend a little more money on this stuff because I adore Bare Minerals

I don't have anywhere near perfect skin, and this stuff covers pretty much any flaw and looks pretty natural while doing so.
My mascara and eye liner both come from the ULTA house brand. I've been really impressed with how reliable thier stuff is. The mascara offers great coverage and doesn't clump (I use the stuff in the orange tube) and the eye liner doesn't smudge too badly and comes in a really great range of colors (I have brown, sparkley brown and black, blue and green).

I rarely wear lipstick and usually just stick to my Burts Bee's.

I've been using it since middle school, so why stop now? haha

Those are pretty much all the things I use on a daily basis. I also have a decently large (and ever growing) collection of nail polish, along with way too much eye shadow to ever be used :-)


Laura said...

Visiting from for the love of blogs fun post. I love Burt's Bees, too!

Anonymous said...

what I was looking for, thanks

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