February 12, 2011

My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me. So won't you kill me? So I'd die happy?

On Monday, I ended up borrowing my mom's Netflix-ed copy of' The Kids Are Alright.

I liked it a lot, but I keep going back and forth about parts of it. Julianne Moore and Annette Benning were amazing (though I could've definitely done with more Mark Ruffalo, preferably shirtless as well hehe) but I think some parts of it were kind of predictable and I'm not sure how I feel about the ending. My mom loved it, so I'm thinking she may have a different view considering she has a family and all. Overall, I like it, but not my favorite so far.

Tuesday, my boss Jaison, my coworker Laura and I took a baking class at work. We made Barvarian Style pretzels and, oh lord, were they good! We got to taste a few right out of the oven-heaven! And we got to take about a dozen home as well (I didn't finish mine so my task for the night will be turning them into pretzel chips-yummy!)

I think I may have a future in the Prezel biz haha

Besides the wonderful pretzels, I think the best part of the whole experience was doing it with Jaison and Laura. Seriously, who did I end up with co-workers and a boss this cool? We giggled the entire time and talked about everything except work. I love my job to begin with, but that fact that I get to go and hang out with people who genuinely like me and who I like to spend time with, makes it that much better. Sometimes, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world :-)

Thurday and Friday were my days off so I tried to be at least a little productive. I took a trip out to Westland to visit the produce market. I'm making dinner for a friend this weekend and had to pick up a few things. I was really good about spending money-even though I was right next to IKEA, I didn't stop in *and* I went to Target and didn't buy anything! I'm pretty sure it was a miracle!

But I needed to get some spending out of my system so I made an impulse buy...at the produce market. That's right, I bought a pineapple. I have no idea how to chop it up or when I'm going to eat it, but I bought it. My roommate thought that was just the funniest thing! Especially when I told her I didn't buy the pair of shoes I was looking at and opted for the fruit instead. I believe the phrase "old lady" was thrown around haha

Thursday night, Dan, Darin and I watched a movie at Darin's place.

The movie was Devil and was written (though not directed) by M. Night Shyamalan. I had never even heard of it when Darin suggested we watch it and even thought I'm really not a fan of horror movies, I agreed. I ended up liking it for the most part. It was pretty creepy-a fair amount of blood and guts, lots of things popping onto the screen and I definitely did my fair share of covering my eyes haha But it was written decently well and the story was interesting. As far as Shyamalan movies are concerned, I definitely think it was one of his better ones.

Friday I headed out with Dan to see a band some of his friends were in perform at teh Dreamland Theatre in Ypsi. It was really low key (there were probably only around 20-25 people there) but we had a really good time! We didn't stay too late (see the above mentioned "Old Lady" designation) but it was nice to hang out and do something new.

Saturday was back to work as usual, except Laura wasn't here so Jaison was working with me today. And, because he is literally the best boss ever, he bought me lunch!

Why, hello there Mr. Patty Melt and Fries from the Roadhouse.

Seriously, luckiest girl in the world.

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