January 7, 2013

A funny kind of way, A funny kind of day

 As per usual, there's been lots of great things coming out of Jimmy's daughter lately...

  • Can you make me dessert, cause I used my legs a lot?
  • If you go too fast, you'll pass the law!
  • I didn't want to do a yawn. I just had to do a yawn for my brain!
  • I'm getting sea sick of rain.
  • Before you get old, and I'm only nine, will you teach me how to cook so that when you're old, you don't have to cook and I can cook for you?
We've also been treated to a never ending stream of jokes lately - some of them make sense like...

What do you get when you step on banana peels?


What did one glue say to the other glue?
We've got to stick together!

But some of them... not so much (they're still funny though!)

What do you get when there is a dog that's hot?
A hot dog!


What do you get when there is a tree on Christmas?
A Christmas tree!

One thing is for sure, life is never dull when she's around!

(This was on Halloween, she doesn't usually walk around with 15 pounds of yarn on her head haha)

1 comment:

Vapid Vixen said...

Holy crap that is just adorable. She sounds like a blast.

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