September 30, 2010

I heard somebody yell, "Savage, where the chorus at?"

This week has been pretty hectic. My boss was working nights, and since there's only four people in my department (including him), not having him around really puts a strain on the rest of us. But luckily, he's back this week. Although it's not going to slow down too much-The holidays are almost here in the bakery world, so it's only going to keep getting busier. Jan. 1st can't come soon enough :-)

Besides that my friend Chad is leaving for the Army tomorrow. I took him out to dinner on Tuesday and was really proud I kept myself together...untill he hugged me good bye. I couldn't help it-I just lost it. He's been one of my closest friends-the kind of friend who no matter if we talk every day or go two months without seeing each other, he's still one of the people closest to my heart.

My Chad-showcasing his undying love for Zombies last Halloween.

He'll be gone for 4-6 weeks at basic, then back for two weeks for Christmas and then gone for 7-9 months. Lord knows, I'll be sending lots and lots of prayers his way :-)

Besides, all that life is good-uneventful, but good. Hopefully this weekend, I'll be going to a concert, and another one next week, so at least I'll get some fun in before the holidays really start to kick my butt haha

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