February 3, 2013

Ice skating at night

Since the holidays are over (and yes, I realize it was the end of January, but things around here are finally settling down lol) our weekends are pretty much open to do whatever we want and last weekend we took full advantage of that!

First we stopped by Miller's for lunch...


and I kid you not, the burgers were basically the same size are M's head. I couldn't get a picture because she tore into before I even got a chance. Girl was hungry!

After that, we stopped by some friends house to catch up a little bit and ended up playing some Just Dance.

I got my butt kicked lol

A few weeks ago, we found M a pair of basically brand new ice skates for less than $5 and she has been begging to use them ever since. So, we went to a skating rink the next town over for open skate.

It started off like this...

But eventually, she got the hang of it and had a blast! I hadn't been skating in years and I definitely forgot how fun it was. I also forgot how much my thighs and ankles hurt the next day lol

Aren't they cute?


Amber said...

This looks like the perfect weekend!!! I have ice skates taking up space in my closet, and Ive been begging J to go skating with me for a year... It has been so long since Ive been! Im going to have to work on actually going this weekend for sure!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Vapid Vixen said...

It's probably been about 10 years since I've ice skating. I remember wishing I had worn more layers so it didn't hurt as badly when I inevitably fell.

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